Equation Music is born out of passion for music.

Our goal is to bring the artists & labels closer to the fans and vice versa.


The music industry is changing and we have made it our goal to help you join the change.

We are inspired by great music and are passionate for technology and thrive for success.

After successfully crowdfunding, executive producing and promoting two live BluRay/DVD releases and assisting over a hundred album releases, we decide to take matters into our own hands. With a passion for music, EQUATION MUSIC, was founded to enable bands & labels to thrive during the transformation of the music landscape.

We believe that good music should be heard, but realize that in the current changing market it is difficult to cut through the clutter. With our knowledge and expertise we acquired over the last 10 years we want to enable you to reach those people. The internet presents many different opportunities and tools to do this. Everyone at and connected to EQUATION MUSIC are still active in the industry during and next to their day jobs.

With the combination of experience, tools and communication EQUATION MUSIC is the ideal digital partner for artists and labels.

Based in
The Netherlands

Located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with international connections all over Europe and the United States.

Marketing Background

We have experience marketing not only bands but also labels.

Artist & Label Experience

Cards 2.0 come with full overview with all possible properties pre-styled for you.

A few important trends

We love physical releases & see the move to digital.