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Your music is the foundation of your growth.
We want to present, market and promote you.



Every band has their own style and their own fans. On top of this, every band has their own unique situation.



A killer game plan to make sure we know what will happen the next coming month(s) and how we will do this, together.



The key to success. Executing the plan from A to Z, improving as we go. All this while leaving room for flexibility.



After every action there is reflection and lessons learned. To learn the lesson we optimize the findings and improve further.

Custom solutions for your situation

What do we offer?

Every project is different. Bands each have their own style, their own fans and their own approach. This is why for every band we work with, we create a custom plan based on industry standards.

We offer project/release based solutions & long term partnerships. We work actively with our clients to ensure a good fit.

Not sure whether how all of the above relates to your situation? Drop us a mail!

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How do we offer this?

Types of partnerships

We don't want to force ourselves upon you. This is why we offer different partnerships with helpful conditions for you.


Are you releasing music but don't know how to market and distribute it digitally? Are you thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign? Then a project/release deal is the way to go!

We will discuss the project and decide together what solution and mix of services work best for you.

Custom Solution

Feedback & Constant Optimization

Long Term Plan for Success

Proactive Development

Online Marketing

In this day and age data is abundant everywhere. Nearly every process creates valuable data which could help improve efficiency and results. However, all this raw data needs to be prepared and analyzed before it is of use. We can help you from start to finish with this.

Streaming Platform Optimization

Ad-Hoc Social Media Posts

YouTube Ads

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Advertising / Marketing

Google Ads / Displays

Social Media Management / PR

We will make sure your music is available everywhere! iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services.


We will not only post on your behalf but also engage with the community.


We will make sure your Instagram posts are of high quality. On top of this, we will create stories and engage with your fans.


We don't just retweet all Instagram and Facebook posts. We will create a stream of tweets and interactions.


Often neglected by many. Communicating and engaging with commenters is what we enjoy doing.

Spotify for Artists

We will make sure all your Spotify info is up to date, together with Artist's Pick and analytics!

Apple for Artists

Keep your music on your device or in the Cloud. Music App is fully compatible with iTunes Match and Apple Music added to "My Music".

And more...

Digital Distribution

We will make sure your music is available everywhere! iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Deezer and 150+ other stores & streaming services.


Credits & Lyrics Everywhere

Distribute Cover Songs

Get Monthly Royalties

Consulting Services

Are you facing a difficult situation and do you not know how to best solve it? We can evaluate your situation and give you advise based on our expertise. On top of this, we can integrate it and help you solve your situation.

Crowdfunding Campaign Support

Raising the funds you need to create what you have in mind. If you want to release an album or other project you have in mind but do not have the funding, you should think about crowdfunding.

We will help you decide which platform will be best in your particular use after evaluation the target and feasibility of your campaign. After this we will do the following together:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • PledgeMusic
  • Integrated (WebFlow / WordPress)
01 - Announcement

Making sure everyone is aware of the campaign and ready to go before going live. This includes preparation, informing and execution.

02 - Going Live

The most important time. The first 24 hours of the campaign. If 30% of the goal is not met by the end of it, it will be unlikely to be reached at the end.

03 - Updates + Final Stretch

Making sure everyone is aware while the campaign is running and counting down to a strong finish.

04 - Realizing Product

Together we will make sure everything is finished properly and fulfilled.

Album Campaign Management

Releasing an album is one of the most important times to be active online. This to not only reach your core fan group, but also potential fans. We will manage your promotion campaign for you and invest in your success.

Paid Advertising

All Cards are styled to fit all 4 breakpoints of Webflow Designer.

Promo Material

Each card comes in 2 versions changeable by switching .section to .section-dark class.

Smart Links

Simple structure of easy-to-use wraps and columns system to guide your designs.

Social Media

Cards 2.0 come with full overview and all possible properties pre-styled for you.

Web Design + eCommerce

Site + eCommerce

One of our main skills is to create an SEO optimized stunning website and integrate them with an eCommerce front.

Print On Demand

Print merchandise on an order basis and never worry about stock and shipping.

Full Rights

Edit your website any way you want with the full rights you will be given. Assistance is never far away.