Web Design, Online Marketing

Floor Jansen's website

We just released the new website for Floor Jansen. Check it out now!

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Website, Social Media, Graphics

Launch of Ram It Down Records

The new label for Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal & Progressive!

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Website, Merchandise, Social Media

Northward Album Campaign

The collaboration between NIGHTWISH singer Floor Jansen & Pagan's Mind guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad.

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Crowdfunding, Production

Havoc in Oslo Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding and executive producing the first live release of the Norwegian progressive metal band, Circus Maximus.

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Crowdfunding, Producing, Mastering, Artwork, Social Media

Full Circle Crowdfunding & Production

From conception to delivery, we worked with Pagan's Mind to create a quality live BluRay release.

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Website, eCommerce

Hymns For The Broken Campaign

Now this was a project that felt like a rollercoaster ending in one of the heighest highs. Supporting a band like Evergrey and a sublime album like Hymns for the Broken was an absolute dream to be a part of.

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