Website, Social Media, Graphics

Launch of Ram It Down Records


A new record label for hard rock, power-, progressive- & heavy metal. Assisting their launch has been nothing short of spectacular.

We have been and are involved with their website, design language, social media & videos.

Passion For Music

Everyone involved in the creation of Ram It Down has their own experience in the music industry. The founder, Timo Hoffmann, is head of A&R at the respected and growing AFM Records from Hamburg, Germany. The others involved either work in the industry, are part of bands or very often work with bands. This fabric of passion for music is what connects each and everyone of them together. This foundation enabled for an amazing collaboration and team effort.

Design Language

Timo had a very clear idea of the style and feeling he wanted the logo and design of Ram It Down Records to have. Heavy metal, futuristic while classic and most importantly, it had to scream “Ram It Down”! We knew right away that would be a great candidate to visualize it.

This resulted in the rather unconventional but extremely slick logo. Sporting a mix of sharp corners, bold fonts and soft gradients of dark blue and silver/grey shades. This provided the basics of what was coming next.

Graphics & Website

Creating a website these days is easier than ever but the challenge of designing and choosing the right platform to build it on hasn’t disappeared. Before Ram It Down we always designed websites using WordPress. However, after reviewing the needs of the label and also the capabilities of other platforms we ended up settling on Webflow. Webflow is a new platform that offers flexibility and freedom while also being accessible for both the designer and the editor.

We iterated through several designs. At first we went for a “simple” top header menu website. However, we abandoned this design as we felt it didn’t fit the vertical logo and style of the brand. So to make the brand and style more prominent we went for a sidebar menu where on desktop the menu is always visible.


Ram It Down Records is a German label, which operates under European data protection laws. This is why all the scripts we have enabled we either have anonymization enablad or make sure that it doesn’t collect any data. Only the necessary cookies that are vital to the functioning of the website remain. On top of this, the pop-up to sign up for the newsletter is GDPR compliant. We are very proud we have been able to integrate this.

Social Media

There’s more to a record label than a logo & website. Online presence is more vital than ever these days. This is why we have a partnership with Ram It Down Records to support them with their social media presence. This comes in the form of graphics, videos and general advice. We do encourage independence and authenticity because these are things that are at the core of the brand.

What’s next?

Even though the website stands and we are working together, we do want to improve everything that is standing. We want to introduce the ability to filter bands on genre, introduce a custom eCommerce solution, integrate streaming sites even more and generally improve speed and search engine optimization. We look forward to all this and will update this project page as soon as we have moved forward.