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Floor Jansen's website


After having worked together with Northward in 2018, creating their websites, eCommerce and be responsible for their social media has led to the amazing invitation to redesign Floor Jansen's website. After working closely with Floor to get the new design ready, we are proud to show you what we have achieved together!

The design of this website had two big focuses. Firstly, it had to be responsive as her previous site was only sporting a desktop design. Secondly, for it to be easily manageable and extensible. Due to the past experience we have had with her we decided to go a similar route and use Webflow for the design of her website.

Why Webflow? It is a completely custom solution which allowed us to quickly prototype and develop and change/improve as we cooperated with Floor. On top of this, it is known to be secure and incredibly user-friendly for both users and administrators.

Two approaches into one

We proposed two designs to Floor, a more traditional one and one which is more creative and unique. You can see these designs below. We were happy to propose several options and work closely to get the best of both worlds.

Mockup Traditional Menu Layout
Mockup Creative Menu

The innovative menu design of the creative approach was loved. However, this also brought additional challenges with it. It took to much space for it to be like this on every website. This led to us combining both designs on the website. The homepage sports the innovative design and for the other pages we went for a more conservative header. Also, you can see the design has evolved since the mock-up.

An amazing career to draw from

The fact that Floor has recently released an album with Northward and is active as the singer of Nightwish, pushed us to put her music in front and make it accessible for anyone to experience. Due to this, we decided to embed Spotify players for all her music available on the website. We want to encourage the viewers to experience Floor Jansen first hand through the music.

On top of this, pictures speak a thousand words and as videos are a series of images, we wanted them to enhance her website and allow for a dynamic experience. You can see background videos on the homepage, discography page & the tour page. Other than this music videos can be found nearly everywhere on the website.

Social Media at the center

We all know social media is vital for a good online presence. In many ways, it is more important than a website. This is why the main goal of the website is to connect people to Floor. This either through social media, groups, mail or other ways. Right now links to her social media are present on every page. Also, it does not end with Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Her Spotify profile and page will become more important as her presence on the upcoming TV show "Beste Zangers" draws closer. We are incredibly excited to keep working with her to improve her online presence.

On top of this, we created a single page just focused on being the social media home of Floor Jansen so to speak. You can find this page here: https://floorjansen.com/fj
Here Floor can post her most important links which she can have her Instagram and Twitter followers to be redirected to.

We are not done yet

We are incredibly satisfied with the current state of the website which we launch it in. However, we are looking to improve, grow and optimize the website over the next couple of months. We will do by adding content, pages, but also ways for fans to get closer to Floor. These are still in development and will be launched when all parties involved are ready. We encourage all of you to take a look. If you are looking for services yourself, feel free to reach out to us at mail@equationmusic.io.